The basic approach of organizational work is Optimum Mobilization Of Local Resources, Institutional Development, Capacity Building, Participatory Approaches in social upliftment and Recognition of the Creative talent in Mithila.

We also believe that we are better able to predict the future outcomes of our own past actions than predicting the outcomes of others' actions. When we could chart out our own trajectories, we would be in a better position to write our own history of development. Therefore, rather than depending only on official support, we think it is important for many of us to begin contributing to the welfare of our own speech communities so that we could lead the formations to a definite and surer future goals of development.

There is also an economic angle to what we believe in. Since equity is the key to the success of a civilization, and since there is a widening gap between the rich and poor in India, we believe that a caring and sensitive well-to-do section can change this without waiting for the situation to explode. Since India's Gini coefficent has gone up from 0.32 in 1980 to 0.38 in 2000 (World Bank data), where equitable society would have ideally a coefficient of 0, whereas the most inequitable society will have the score of 1, we believe that by promoting a philanthropic approach and inculcating self-help strategy, we could bring in changes howsoever small and localized they may be.

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