It is our sincere belief that every culture, no matter whether it is a large entity or a small space, serves as a bridge between others both as an instrument of interaction and as a window of the refreshening the ‘Other’.

As a socio-cultural area, we do not view India as a collection of fragments which we call states or union territories. It is rather that the country offers a mosaic – with so many religious, ethnic, linguistic, regional and socio-cultural groups -- which fit together in a whole.

Those who view it from afar may find it like a jigsaw puzzle, but it is a fact that the tradition of the country has been such that, however small numerically, no single constituent gets marginalized here. The Foundation aims at working to ensure that the lingua-ethnic groups in Bihar do not feel marginalized, by taking certain concrete steps for their social welfare.

In recent years there has been a greater appreciation of the plural ethos of Indian diversity in political arena. After a long socio-political struggle Maithili, along with Santali, Bodo and Dogri, belonging to different cultural and linguistic families, have found their way into the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

As we all know, writing, translating, interpreting and analyzing that we perform on language –happen to be different processes of developing languages, and they are all deictically tied up with location and space. And since language has been described as “the sight of unconscious, repressed meanings” (Weedon, Feminist practice and poststructuralist theory; Oxford: Blackwell, 1997), we plan to work against the repression by promoting good creative writing in Maithili. That is why, we have set up the ‘Prabodh Samman’.

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