Last date to receive submissions: December 31, 2004

The award Prabodh Sahitya Samman has been established by Swasti Foundation to identify and encourage scholars and writers of Mithila and Maithili who have enriched the language and literature by way of publishing original or translated creative or critical work of impeccable standards. The award under the scheme will be of the value of Rupees One Lakh and will be awarded every year to an individual for his/her life-time contribution to the cause of Maithili language & literature Besides the cash award, the recipient will be also honored by a plaque describing his/her contribution to the field. The award, instituted to honour the contribution of the octogenarian author, poet, translator and editor in Maithili - Dr. Prabodh Narayan Singh who has been in the forefront of the movement for the rightful place for Maithili during the last 55 years. The selection of the awardee will be decided based on recommendations by both ground level experts identified by the Foundation as well as based on submission of authors themselves. The Foundation will invite such recommendations and submissions through newspaper insertion as well as on the internet (visit: and then process all applications in terms of a set of rules as given here and finally present them before a Committee of Award Jury. The Panel of Juries will comprise eminent literary and linguistic personalities of Maithili. In the matter of deciding on the awardee, the decision of the Foundation will be final. In case of a tie, the Chairman will have a casting vote.

A. Award Rules:
  1. Book belonging to any of the following categories of published writing in Maithili are eligible for Prabodh sahitya Samman: Fiction, Drama, Memoirs, Travelogues, Biography, Essays, Epics and Poetry. ii) Critical Essays and Scholarly studies in Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. iii) Science fiction is included but not technological books or scientific materials as such.
  2. With the exception of the inaugural awards - meant for the year 2004 (to be decided by the Jury on consensus), the decisions on award will be taken by an apex Jury set up by the Foundation. Nominations and recommendations must be sent for books in Maithili, published after 1950. Both original works or as translations from any language into Maithili will be eligible for consideration.
  3. In case of award for translation, the recommendation or nominations should be ideally accompanied with a copy of the original and a brief write-up about the importance of the original work and its rendering into Maithili. The translation could have been done either from the source language directly or through the medium of another language, but it must be of very high quality - comparable with the best of original writing in Maithili.
  4. While a book length cannot be set/fixed, it should ideally contain at least 48 pages of standard size (demy 8vo or double crown 1/16).
  5. Books intended as teaching materials for children and neo-literates as well as anthologies and textbooks prepared specifically for conference proceedings or classroom instruction will not be considered for this award. Similarly, government reports and routine publications brought out by any government shall not be eligible for the award. Text books, literacy materials, ordinary travel guides, cook books, manuals, instruction booklets, polemical writings as well as ordinary books of religious propaganda are not eligible for the Samman.
  6. The award is meant for books and not journal volumes or serial publications.
  7. The award is not meant for doctoral or other degree-related dissertations, although significantly modified dissertations published as books will be eligible for the same.
  8. Even if a book has already received a prize or an award from any other organization or under any other scheme of the State Government or the Government of India, it is eligible for the Samman.
  9. An author who gets Prabodh Sahitya Samman once shall not be eligible to compete again, even if one writes in several genres or is nominated under different categories (original writing and translation, or creative writing and scjolarly work, etc)..
  10. At the time of final consideration (and announcement) of the award, the author concerned should be alive.
  11. In the matter of making selection for Prabodh Samman, the decision of the Swasti Foundation will be final, and no representation will be considered for or against the decision(s) arrived at through the above processes.
  12. The Chair-person of the Final Jury is authorized by the Foundation to bring in any amendments or changes in the above processes, if the situation demands, and in this respect, the chair-person's letter/note/e-mail in this respect will be adequate and unquestioned.
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